Dr. Simon Gasteiger

General Practitioner

As your family doctor in Kitzbühel I am pleased to welcome you to our practice. Our modern medical practice is your first contact for health issues and illness. We offer the whole spectrum of general medicine with state-of-the-art medical technology.

About me


After studying human medicine at the Medical University in Innsbruck, I began my training in general medicine in 2012 at the St. Johann District Hospital, which I completed in September 2015 at the Kufstein District Hospital. Right from the beginning I have been interested in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, which led me to begin training in 2014 at the St. Johann District Hospital to become a specialist in these fields.

As a general practitioner since 2018, I am pleased to welcome you to my public health care system medical facilitiy. Further training in the areas of sport medicine, manipulative medicine, pediatrics and adolescent medicine as well as abdominal sonography enables me to offer a broad spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Working with patients of all age groups is a welcome challenge and I look forward to a shared future.


  • ÖÄK – Emergency Medicine Diploma, Head Emergency Physician
  • ÖÄK – Diploma in Manual Medicine
  • ÖÄK – Diploma in Sports Medicine
  • ÖÄK – Advanced Training Diploma
  • ÖÄK – Certificate in Abdominal Sonography
  • ÖGKJ – Certificate in Pediatric Allergology and Pulmonology
  • Authorised doctor for driving licence examinations

Medical services covered by state health insurance

Preventive medical check ups

One preventive medical check up per year is free of charge from the age of 18. This aids in risk identification as well as detection and monitoring of illnesses. Includes blood test and physical examination.

Procedure: Arrange an appointment for blood test (fast prior to test) then a follow-up appointment for a detailed consultation and physical examination, as well as further tests if necessary.


I offer all Mother-Child-Pass-Examinations of the child including relevant vaccinations, as well as internal examination of the pregnant mother between weeks 17 and 20, plus oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) between weeks 24 and 28.


The spirometry (pulmonary function test) determines lung function by measuring the volume of air inhaled and exhaled.

Blood pressure measurement

To diagnose borderline/unsafe hypertension (high blood pressure) or to optimise therapy for an existing case of hypertension we offer 24 h blood pressure monitoring. The monitor is generally collected in the morning and readings are taken over a 24h period; upon return the following day readings are evaluated and a consultation follows.


We offer in-house blood tests including C-reactive protein tests (CRP) to check for inflammation, blood glucose / INR (blood thinning) as well as fecal occult tests (blood in stool) which are available in minutes. For other parameters samples are sent to the pathology laboratory daily.

Abdominal sonography

The abdominal sonography (abdominal ultrasound) is a quick and simple procedure to assess organs within the abdomen (eg. liver, kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, etc.).


A digital X-ray machine enables us rapid, uncomplicated diagnoses of acute injuries, and if necessary, therapy initiation.

Private medical services

Covid 19 PCR Test

Requires approx. 24 h, cost € 90,00 per test

Drivers licence examination

please bring photo identification (eg. passport) and where applicable a vision test by an  eye doctor (not older than 6 months).

Costs: according to $ 23 driving license law:
Group 1 (Classes A, B, B+E, F) € 35,00
Group 2 (Classes C, D, C+E, D+E) € 50,00
Repeat examination (Classes C, B, C+E, D+E) € 30,00


With the exception of yellow fever all common vaccinations are available in our practice. Vaccination fee € 10,00 excl. vaccine.

Sports performance diagnostics

To optimise training or for those re-entering endurance sport we offer performance diagnostics by way of an exercise stress test (cycle ergometer).
An anamnesis from ECG and lung function measurement is obtained, followed by a stress test and calculation of training heart rate.

Cost: € 120,-

Infusion therapy

Various infusion therapies are offered (some covered by national insurance) depending on medication
(eg. vitamin C, ozone, etc. Costs vary between € 40 and € 50 per infusion).

Medical certificates

Medical certificates / confirmations are not covered by national health insurance. Medicals for professional practice, physical fitness, travel insurance, etc. are priced accordingly.

Advance directives

Having many years of experience as a general practitioner I am happy to advise you in planning a living will and discuss preferences for medical care.

Cost € 100,-.
Renewal € 50,-.